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Rome in One Day

Panoramic Rome Tour: One-Day Orientation

Rome City Tour

Do you just have one day to experience Rome’s wonders? Just look at our one-day city trip! Our trip will take you through the historic streets of Rome as well as to the city’s most famous attractions. From the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain and the Vatican City, you will be able to see the finest of Rome.

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Rome Italy city tours

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With our customizable tour, you can see the best of Rome! You can start from Rome Airport, your hotel or Cruise ship and choose when and what to see. Don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to see Rome in the most convenient way possible.

Make the most of your trip by booking your tour today and beginning your voyage of discovery! You can explore the city’s iconic landmarks, monuments, and attractions in the most comfortable and enjoyable way possible with our tour.

Rome City Tour

If you’re looking for an amazing Experience in Rome, one of the best ways to get a taste of the city is with one of these incredible tours. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, these day trips are sure to make your trip unforgettable.

There are numerous alternatives available according on your interests and time range, so no matter what you’re searching for, you’ll be able to find the ideal Rome trip for you. These trips will provide you the perfect introduction to this beautiful city, whether you prefer to explore the historic core on your own or as a group.

From your hotel in Rome 2/4 people starting from 280 €,
or from the Cruise Port of Civitavecchia 420€

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Day tours from Rome

Our tour will begin with a traditional route through the archaeological section of the city, which was the center of ancient Rome’s political, social, and religious life. We will then proceed to the Colosseum, the Vatican, and some of the city’s most famous squares.

You can see the wonders of Rome in just one day with a guided city tour from the Civitavecchia Cruise Port!

Some of the tours we can do in Rome
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With our guided city tour from Civitavecchia Cruise Port, you can see the wonders of Rome in just one day! Set out on an extraordinary 10-hour exploration journey, departing at 8.30am and returning to the port around 5 or 5.30pm. Enjoy an hour and 15 minutes of scenic driving before exploring the archaeological heart of ancient Rome – its political, social, and religious center.

Rome day trips from Civitavecchia Italy cruise port

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the splendor of Rome and its historic wonders! Our adventure begins by entering the city from the south side: begin your awe-inspiring expedition by admiring and discovering renowned Roman walls built over two millennia ago (by car).

Admire the Baths of Caracalla (by car), then ascend Aventine Hill for a stopover before heading to Circus Maximus (stop). Immerse yourself even more as we visit important landmarks such as the Roman Forum and the Colosseum.

Day tours from Rome

The enthralling journey continues with stops at Piazza Venezia to admire the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II (stop) and Campidoglio, which showcases Michelangelo’s architectural prowess (visit). Stop briefly at Trevi Fountain for reflection (stop) before continuing on to the Spanish Steps and Via Condotti for shopping indulgence during another pit stop.

Immerse yourself in Rome’s splendor as we visit Villa Parco Borghese, bask in the beauty of Piazza Navona, and closely examine the Pantheon. Admire the splendor of Castel Sant’Angelo before entering St. Peter’s Basilica for another unforgettable experience that includes viewing Michelangelo’s Moses sculpture and optional Catacombs exploration.

The Best of Rome

Set out on an unforgettable journey beyond the usual tourist traps as we discover hidden gems throughout Rome! Explore Trajan Markets, uncover secrets within Roman Empire Maps, admire the grandeur of Palazzaccio, and marvel at the Arch of Constantine and Synagogue.

Enjoy seeing the Marcus Aurelius Column, the Parliament Building, and the Quirinal Palace. Please keep in mind that there is usually a long line in the mornings at the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

Day tours from Rome Italy

We can decide whether or not to enter together when we arrive. You will, however, have the opportunity to visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the world’s largest church, where Michelangelo’s masterpiece “the Pietà” awaits your admiration. We highly recommend booking tickets to the Vatican Museum or the Colosseum in advance with a private professional guide available for approximately 2 hours inside each attraction!

you can choose the best time to leave

During your stay in Rome, you can choose the best time to leave your hotel. You’ll have the chance to visit key attractions such as squares and ancient monuments. Furthermore, your driver can provide helpful advice on the best route to take. They can even recommend a fantastic restaurant for a delightful dining experience during your day in Italy if you’re interested in indulging in Italian cuisine.

This classic orientation tour of the Eternal City

Rome Italy city tours

If you have little time in Rome and want to discover the city’s main attractions, a day tour can help you make the most of your visit. Here are some of the top attractions to include in your itinerary:

1. St. Peter’s Basilica:

Start your day by visiting this stunning basilica located within the Vatican City. Admire its magnificent architecture, including Michelangelo’s famous dome, and explore the impressive interior.

2. Vatican Museums:

Next, head to the Vatican Museums, which houses a vast collection of art and historical artifacts. Don’t miss the chance to see iconic masterpieces such as the Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Rooms.

3. Colosseum:

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Colosseum. Step back in time as you explore this ancient amphitheater, marvel at its grandeur and discover its fascinating history.

4. Trevi Fountain:

Take a break from the historic sites and head to the Trevi Fountain, one of Rome’s most famous monuments. Be sure to toss a coin into the fountain for good luck before continuing your journey.

5. Spanish Steps and Shopping:

Enjoy some shopping at the Spanish Steps, known for its luxury boutiques and designer shops. Take a moment to walk up the Spanish Steps to admire the panoramic view of the city.

6. Il Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia:

visit Il Vittoriano, also known as Altare della Patria, located in Piazza Venezia. This monument offers breathtaking views of Rome along with exhibits showcasing the history of Italy.

7.Rome Restaurants and Food Specialties:

Indulge in authentic Roman cuisine by exploring local restaurants offering traditional dishes such as pasta carbonara, supplì (rice balls) or ice cream.

Keep in mind that while it may not be possible to cover all of Rome’s attractions in one day, this itinerary offers a glimpse into the city’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Day trips from Rome italy or Civitavecchia port Italy

For those interested in day trips from Rome, options such as Florence, Venice, or shore excursions to destinations such as the port of Civitavecchia are also available. Consider planning more time to explore these nearby cities and make the most of your trip to Italy. Exploring nearby cities on day trips from Rome is a fantastic way to make the most of your trip to Italy. Let’s take a look at some popular options: With Us  you can.

1. Florence:

Known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence offers a wealth of history, art, and architecture. Highlights include the iconic Duomo, Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, and Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia Gallery. Be sure to stroll through the charming streets and indulge in some authentic Tuscan cuisine.

2. Venice:

Famous for its canals, gondolas, and romantic atmosphere, Venice is an enchanting city that should not be missed. Take a gondola ride along the Grand Canal or explore narrow alleyways leading to picturesque squares like Piazza San Marco. Visit St. Mark’s Basilica and experience Venetian culture by sampling delicious seafood dishes.

3. Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia:

If you’re arriving by cruise ship at Civitavecchia port near Rome, there are plenty of shore excursion options available. Discover ancient ruins in Pompeii or visit the stunning Amalfi Coast with its cliffside towns like Positano and Ravello.

Tuscany from Rome

You can also explore Tuscany’s countryside with visits to charming towns such as Siena or San Gimignano. Remember to plan your time wisely when considering day trips from Rome To Tuscany as each destination has its own unique attractions that deserve proper exploration.

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rome city tour
Rome city tour
rome city tour