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Info Civitavecchia port 2024 

Some of the world’s largest cruise ships will dock in Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal in 2024.

These ships will provide guests an unforgettable vacation experience, complete with luxurious amenities and entertainment. Cruise ships arriving in Civitavecchia in 2024 are MSC Grandiosa, Costa Smeralda, Celebrity Edge, and Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas. Each of these ships will offer guests a first-rate travel experience complete with first-rate amenities, enjoyment, and entertainment.

There are several possibilities for transport travelers in Civitavecchia to reach their destination. One way to save money is to share a private transfer service with another traveler. You can split the service fee with a travel partner. A shared transfer service is also available from Rome to Civitavecchia port.

You can split the service fee with a travel partner.

There is also a shared shuttle service from Civitavecchia to the Rome ferry terminal or the two airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino. Finally, the cruise ships that will land in Civitavecchia in 2024 will provide visitors an unforgettable and stunning vacation experience.

You can save money by taking a private trip together. With another tourist or by scheduling a shared transfer from Civitavecchia to the Rome ferry terminal or the Fiumicino and Ciampino airports.

Rome Cruise Terminal to airport or From Port of Civitavecchia or your hotel.

All this by booking one of our private transfer services with driver.

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We recommend that you book all your transfers and services in Italy in advance. In the period between April and October there are many tourists and it is therefore more difficult to find a good driver.
Get all the information for tourism in Italy.
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Cruise in the port of Civitavecchia

Our drivers are highly trained and have special clearance to take you directly to the gangway of your cruise ship in Civitavecchia.

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Why visit Civitavecchia port of Rome

Why visit Civitavecchia Port of Rome

Port of Civitavecchia: and ancient ruins

Starting from the Cruise Port of Rome.

Arriving in Civitavecchia with a cruise ship, or with a flight from the nearby Rome airport,  have you wondered what there is to see in this place?
You must know that Civitavecchia is a very ancient city that has lived since before the Roman Empire 2000 years ago.

And there are many very beautiful and interesting things to visit.  

We at Rome Transfer Services also recommend you visit beautiful Florence if you have a few extra days.

The famous Hyperemperor Trajan saw its importance and built the Port of Rome.

And in the following centuries some Popes also visited us several times. In short, from a simple fishing village, today Civitavecchia and its port have become very important points for the local and Italian economy. For its merchant traffic in the Mediterranean Sea as well as for tourism.

The new port of Rome.

In 2022 this large port hosted the largest cruise ships in the world. Like the marvel of the Royal seas of the Caribbean, The Odyssey of the Seas, Queen Mary 2, AIDAnova by AIDA Cruises, Carnival Group, Costa Smeralda and many other cruises.

Because from this port, in addition to cruise ships, with more than 2.5 million passengers every year.

Ferries also leave for one of the most beautiful islands in Italy, Sardinia. Many tourists from all over Europe spend their beach holidays on the white beaches.

The port is within the city and therefore the historic center can also be reached on foot. And enjoy your visit by walking.

1- Leaving the cruise terminal you will immediately see a modern statue, called “the sailor’s kiss”. Which represents the port but also in memory of the end of the 2nd World War.

Fort Michelangelo


2- Not far away is the imposing Forte Michelangelo, perhaps the true symbol of the city.
It’s a nice place to take a walk and take a souvenir photo. Continuing you will see in front of you the ancient walls of the ancient port. With in the center the beautiful fountain by Vanvitelli, built by the Pope.

3- Leaving the port through one of the ancient gates, you immediately arrive in the centre, in the modern city with its numerous shops, bars and restaurants.

A few steps away is the beautiful Cathedral dedicated to San Francesco d’Assisi.

4- The Market: a short distance from the cathedral begins the large market of fresh and genuine products,

where the locals buy fruit and vegetables and also fresh fish, with its characteristic covered fish market.

I recommend you to visit all this quaint market. I’ll tell you how Italians prepare to cook their typical dishes.

Since Civitavecchia is a seaside city:

and having a seafaring tradition, there are many fish restaurants.

You can find them everywhere in the historic center and obviously along the ancient port walls.

5 – The Marina: leaving the port to the south, behind Forte Michelangelo, there is a beautiful and relaxing walk along the sea. With trees and palms, called the Marina. At the end of this overview is a place called Pyrgos.

It is a pedestrian street overlooking the sea, full of restaurants, bars and pizzerias. It is very popular with local young people especially in the evening. While at lunch there are cruise passengers, eating a nice plate of fish with a sea view or even a pizza.

6- The Baths, if you have a car to move from the centre, you can reach and admire other very interesting places. The most particular are: The Terme Taurine, or Terme di Traiano, locally also called “Ficoncella”, which are located just 10 minutes by car from the centre.

Here it is possible to bathe in the warm sulphurous waters at 38 degrees, as did the Emperor Trajan about 2000 years ago. Or visit the ruins of his ancient villa.

porto di roma

7- The Castle of Santa Severa, a real jewel just 20 minutes by car from the port. Which I recommend you visit: Links below for this article.
In conclusion, I can say that there are many beautiful things to see. So if you want to spend a pleasant relaxing day among traditions, antiquities and good Italian food, this is a great opportunity. You can test the local life and have a pleasant day.

Civitavecchia Port of Rome

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History of Civitavecchia City:

Civitavecchia is an Italian city located in the province of Rome, about 80 km from the capital. The city is famous for its large cruise port, which hosts cruise ships from all over the world.

The history of Civitavecchia dates back to Roman times, when the city was known as Centumcellae. During the Roman Empire, the city was an important military and commercial port. In the Middle Ages Civitavecchia was under the control of the popes and in the 19th century it became an important tourist centre.

Today Civitavecchia is one of the main tourist destinations in Lazio. The cruise port is one of the main attractions of the city and hosts cruise ships from all over the world. The city also offers numerous cultural attractions and annual events such as the Festa della Madonna del Mare and the Festa di San Francesco di Paola.

Rome Transfer Services

Civitavecchia also offers numerous opportunities for shopping and nightlife lovers. There are numerous shops, bars and restaurants offering local products and Italian gastronomic specialities. Furthermore, the city also has some interesting museums such as the National Archaeological Museum of Civitavecchia and the Naval History Museum of Civitavecchia.

Civitavecchia is also an excellent starting point for visiting the other beauties of Lazio such as Rome, Ostia Antica, Tarquinia and Viterbo. There are also some spectacular beaches in the area such as Santa Marinella beach and Santa Severa beach, perfect for spending a day at the beach with family or friends.

Transportation From Civitavecchia Port To Rome Airport!

Rome to Civitavecchia port transfers

New transfer services from the Port of Civitavecchia!

Every year we have seen an increase in cruise passengers, and every day there are always many cruise ships.

So it can be difficult to find transport that suits your needs. If you don’t want to risk wasting time or worse missing a flight, we can offer you private transfer services directly from your ship.

Get ready for an exciting journey departing from the Port of Civitavecchia!

Here’s some important information to keep in mind:

  1. Civitavecchia port shuttle: There are not to many shuttle service Rome Step off the ship and witness a bustling scene with shuttle buses eagerly awaiting to transport you from the port to a magical place known as Largo della Pace. Though it may seem a tad chaotic at first, have faith in knowing that this spot is where you can hop on other buses bound for Rome or the heart of Civitavecchia.

  1. If you prefer more convenience, white taxis are also available at the cruise terminal. Although they can sometimes be a bit tricky to track down, their prices vary depending on demand.

  1. Train from Civitavecchia to fco: To make your way to Civitavecchia station, there is a shuttle bus service that has been running for some time now. Please note that this service is not free and tends to get quite busy due to its popularity. Embrace these travel options and enjoy every moment of your journey towards new adventures!

  2. Some drivers patiently wait for their pre-booked customers, while others actively seek out new ones.

  3. Rome Transfer Services: And here we are, offering official and affordable services to take you wherever your heart desires.

  4. You can also check this link for other Private transfer services. And  Our  prices 2024 
  5. With Rome transfer Services you can also organize transfers wherever you want, we recommend you also see one of our best services: Transfer From Civitavecchia Port To Rome Airport

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Prices 2024

Transportation From Civitavecchia Port To Rome Airport

Transfer from Port of Civitavecchia to FCO Airport – from 1 to 4 pax – 165 euros Total – Promo
Port of Civitavecchia to the Hotel in Rome – from 1 to 2 pax – 165 euros Total
From the Port of Civitavecchia to the Hotel in Rome – from 3 to 6 pax – 170 euros Total
Hotel in Rome  to Port of Civitavecchia port cruise   – Up to 8 pax – 185 euros Total

Civitavecchia to Rome airport

Transfer services from Civitavecchia port to the Fco / Cia airport. Transfer from Rome to Civitavecchia cruise terminal.
Hotel in Rome, Fiumicino airport from / to Civitavecchia port by vehicle, van for small groups up to 8 people and luggage.
Long transfers to Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, Florence, Siena, Milan, and Venice are also possible.

It can be difficult to find a local cab at the last minute, which is why we recommend taking a few minutes to book our dependable private ride from Civitavecchia port. You can relax knowing that your transportation needs are being met by our service.

Best Way To Get From Rome Airport To Civitavecchia Port

Civitavecchia To Fiumicino Airport

When it comes to getting from Rome airport to Civitavecchia port, there are several options available. Let’s explore the best ways to make this journey smooth and hassle-free.

1. Rome Transfer Services it’s a  Private Port Transfer (N.C.C.): Opting for a private port transfer service is a great choice if you value comfort, privacy, and convenience. With a dedicated driver and vehicle at your disposal, you can enjoy a stress-free journey from Fiumicino airport directly to the Civitavecchia port.

This option ensures that you arrive at your destination in style and on time.  Civitavecchia-cruise-Terminal

2. Private transfer service with driver or taxi: Another reliable option is to hire a private transfer service or take a taxi. With experienced drivers who know the best routes, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic drive from Rome airport to the port of Civitavecchia. This option gives you flexibility in terms of timing and allows for personalization according to your needs.

3. Shuttle services: To Civitavecchia port. If you prefer an economical option with shared transportation, consider using shuttle services like Civitavecchia Shuttle Express.

These shuttles provide convenient transfers between Rome airport and the cruise port, ensuring that you reach your ship comfortably without breaking the bank.

Remember, whether you choose a private transfer or shuttle service, always book in advance to secure your spot and ensure a seamless travel experience from Rome airport to the Port of Civitavecchia!

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More info  for you:  Rome Airport Transfer and Shuttle from Rome to Civitavecchia Port.

In short, there are many ways to reach the port of Civitavecchia from Rome. The train is the cheapest option, but requires some planning and effort. Buses are also a cheap option, but they can be very crowded and make many stops. A private transfer service with driver or taxi is undoubtedly the best, fastest and most efficient solution.

If you book a private transfer service from Rome to Civitavecchia, you won’t have to worry about anything anymore. A driver will pick you up at your hotel or accommodation and help you with your luggage. You just have to relax and enjoy the ride. Your driver will take you directly to your boat or cruise terminal.

The best of Civitavecchia Italy

Port of Rome: Civitavecchia Cruise Terminal

How far Is Civitavecchia from Rome Italy

The Port of Rome

It is located north-west of the capital Rome, and is about 85 kilometers away. It is located in the Lazio region and exactly in the city of Civitavecchia. The exact travel time can vary depending on traffic conditions, but typically it takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to reach Civitavecchia from Rome by Car.

This city today is very well known as the Port of Rome. In fact for over 2000 years since the Emperor Trajan built it for the naval fleet of the Roman Empire.

The port of Civitavecchia has become one of the most important in the Mediterranean and in Europe. Especially for its commercial activities, and especially for cruise traffic. With almost 3 million tourists in transit on 2023.

A part of the port is dedicated to ferries, used by millions of tourists who, especially in summer, visit the beautiful beaches of the nearby island of Sardinia.

The largest ships in the world such as Royal Caribbien, Celebrity Cruise, Costa Cruises, MSC, Holland America Cruise Line etc.

Upon arriving at the port, cruise passengers can take the opportunity to visit the renowned eternal city. Civitavecchia is conveniently linked to the center of Rome by a train station, which is a 20-minute walk away. From there, it is possible to reach the city center by train in about an hour and a half, with trains running quite frequently in the morning.

From the Cruise Terminal of Civitavecchia, you can conveniently reach Rome Fiumicino International Airport in about an hour to drive via a motorway.

In any case, there are two airports in Rome: Fiumicino (FCO) and Ciampino (CMP).

Civitavecchia to Rome Transportation:

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